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People don't always buy the first time around & thats okay.

As business owners we have to realize that people are not always going to buy from us the first encounter, Some people need to warm up to you, they need to make sure that the working relationship is going to be a good fit.

You are selling yourself, telling people why they should choose you over everyone else in your market/field and sometimes certain markets can be a little bit saturated, but that’s where you perfect your craft and make yourself stand out from everyone else in the crowd. There are no two people that do things exactly alike, we may come across someone's impressive work and pluck a piece of this and you add your spin, your area of expertise, place a bow on it and now this is your idea.... and now your idea is different from the next coaches programming.....

I say all that to say people have many options, so they may not pick you the first time they contact you, but that is why it is up to you to properly qualify that client so that you know when to follow-up and how to follow up, you need to know that if you are in competition with someone for the business you should already have a follow up offer in your back pocket, maybe that's something you can upsell, or maybe a vendor owes you a favor...... Do what you need to do to close the business and show the client why they should pick you!

You should know what means the most to your client from your initial intake and /or consultation... (Make sure you're asking the right questions)

Now, I will say you should always maintain your rate structure integrity, If you don't value your work, why should others? BUT, behave to be willing to bend.

One of the worst things you can tell a client is A flat out NO as a business owner the answer should be no we can’t do that but this is what we can do.

Have a great day friends of Pink Leaf!


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