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We Believe in Showing, Not Telling

There are few things as rewarding as a successful collaboration to create strategies that help our clients meet their business goals.

I use my years of experience and knowledge to create lasting and rewarding relationships with our business partners by listening to our clients' needs and providing exceptional service every single time.

Look at what our clients are saying about working with us

Yvonne- The Party Chica- Wedding Planner I feel so empowered, I have the tools talk about my brand & business effectively..

I feel empowered, encouraged, and supported. I learned who my target audience is and how to craft my content to serve that audience. Dee is very encouraging and supportive. She put me on training wheels until I could ride by myself (lol) & now I really feel that I have a strategy & process that works.


Dee helped me with a strategy that allowed me to improve my visibility and confidence on IG.  The program was detailed and process driven, which allowed me to have a step-by-step guide every week for tasks and goals.

I was initially drawn to the way Dee was speaking in her IG live, I loved the way Dee spoke about what she does, I loved that I could see her personality, I could tell that she was a  firecracker and it would be fun working together, but more than that she never promised that she's gonna get me, followers, what she said is she was going to empower me to do it and that resonated so deeply with me because I knew that's what I needed, I have the sword, I just need someone to tell me how to point the sword, how to use the sword and how to make it work for me

I also loved the reliability & the constant communication, I knew she was always there so that made me accountable, especially with going live. which is something I ran from because I never knew what to say, Dee always told me  “Use your voice”, you have a voice people will talk to you, and people will engage with you & it's true because I love conversations but honestly Instagram scared the fire out of me because I felt like you know you had to say it a certain way, but Dee help me realize I can be on here and be myself I can represent my brand and my company and represent it well

Tiffanie Wedding Planner-Professional, Informative, Encouraging -

Prior to Pink Leaf Consulting launching DeAnne was already the perfect business consultant and coach. During my initial discovery meeting, I felt her services was just what was needed to take my business and brand to the next level.  She was professional, informative & encouraging.  Since she's been my consultant and coach we've put in place short and long-term goals some which have already been completed.  

I've definitely seen a change in my business and I'm looking forward to working with DeAnne in completing my goals, & creating new projects and opportunities.  I highly recommend Pink Leaf Consulting if you're looking for a strong partner to "elevate" your business. 
Thank you for sharing your passion!-

Tifphany Nicole-Events Dee is an open book of honest opinions and game plans- 

DeAnne is an open book of honest opinions and game plans. It's no wonder she makes an amazing business consultant. She's always willing to listen and offer the exact amount of advice at the right time. And she backs her advice with action items, which I always appreciate. Dee is great at identifying problem areas and offering several solutions. She's encouraging, professional, honest, relatable and experienced... Always offering unbiased, realistic feedback. If you're results driven and ready to really expand yourself and your business, Dee is the coach for you!

Darren Fisher/27 Studios Event Lighting & Drapery 

I can’t say enough about how amazing my experience was working with Pink Leaf Consulting. I had my first discovery session with Dee, and she was extremely detailed in her approach to understand the mechanics of our business. She provided key insight on areas of strategy, and becoming better prepared in receiving opportunities. At the end of our session we were provided with a 7 page packet recapping our targeted goals, areas of opportunity, and suggestions that have been impactful for our business. Reach out to Dee if you’re in need of diligent and honest business coaching! I’m looking forward to more sessions.

Kenny Clapp/Clapp Studios - Wedding Photographer-- Dee is the intangible, that holds everything together

Where do I begin when it comes to saying great things about my experience with Dee and Pink Leaf Consulting? Since day one with our Discovery Session her sharp attention to detail garnered results beyond what I could imagine! As a creative, often times I would know what I wanted but I didn’t  know what to do first to achieve my goals or how to execute them when it came to my business! This is where DeAnne’s strength shines! She was similar to a first class interior designer for my business! After the first meeting, I walked away with actionable steps to increase my business’ footprint as well as follow up meetings to ensure those steps were followed! She has a way of pushing without being pushy and that made me feel like she was personally vested in my success both personally and professionally! I would highly highly highly recommended her services no matter what your business is if you want to see it grow

 Erika- Spa Owner & Operator-Dee helped me show up with strategy, intention and confidence-

 What more can I say? I love having Dee on my team. At the beginning of the month, We set a goal that was $3500.00 over what I had on the books, and a push goal of $5000 over.  & Let's just say- I have been screaming at my phone All week!

I swear Dee has a God-given pen or something because in the month for the month - I made the $5k Dee is genuine and really has something that can help, I want to know what Dee knows and I'm going to stick by her as tightly as I can as I grow,

She's not selling pipe dreams - of six figures, she teaches us information that we need to know to be more profitable and more comfortable as introverts in business

Lenora-Nail tech-Most productive quarter in 3 years!- 

I've closely followed all of your strategic tips, Ive read every email & PDF for the last 4 months, and I'm proud to say it's been my most productive quarter in 3 YEARS!! I have increased my Net sales by 210% and my average sale by 54%

As we know most small businesses suffer because of a lack of knowledge or funding. Having a business coach is definitely helpful on this journey- Thanks AGAIN -

Blast- Troy Saha- Podcaster

Pink Leaf Consulting not only took the time to patiently listen to my illustrious idea, but gave suggestions and step-by-step strategies to make my vision come forth. Mrs. Dee's focused, determined to nudge you in the right direction; moving my stagnant business into momentum. Thank you, Pink Leaf Consulting for your time and your knowledge. We will definitely use your business again you are Highly Recommended!!

I started in a place of overwhelm.....- Cynthia- CbyC Graphics Design

It has been a great pleasure working with Coach Dee as I learned how to improve and grow my business. I started in a place of overwhelm, frustration and was close to giving up; but Coach offered a plan that helped me organize order processing and workflow. She also developed a strategy to improve and grow my IG engagement. I am proud to say with her help, I have implemented a new tracking system for orders, that reduced error and miscommunication. I am also maintaining consistency with posting on IG, improved engagement and increased followers! Coach Dee was readily available to assist with questions or provide feedback every time I reached out; and she always celebrated my accomplishments--even when I didn't realize I had--she checks your progress!!! Our bi-weekly sessions were structured and formatted for open dialogue on strategies, opportunities for improvement and progress. Coach has a sharp mind for business and is full of ideas on how to market, connect and sell your product/service. She is definitely walking in her purpose, and she does so with passion and conviction. Coach Dee has a wealth of information to share and a genuine willingness to help others do business better! Working with Coach has opened my eyes to many opportunities for growing my business--things I never even considered or thought possible. I have made many investments in my business, but signing up for Pink Leaf's Elevate Your Business Plan has been one of the best! I am excited about my progress and look forward to learning more. Thanks for all you do Coach!

Her professionalism and patience immediately won me over Rosalind H- Event Planner

This has been an awesome experience working with Pink leaf Consulting(Dee).

This was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my business. I was at the point where I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue with my event planning business. Dee was the perfect choice to help me figure it out. Her professionalism and patience immediately won me over. We discussed my needs, wants and vision to continue doing what I love. Through that she came up with a working plan and held me accountable to complete my assigned task. She is thorough and non-judgmental. I have nothing but positive things to say about Pink Leaf Consulting.

 Let us help you stay ahead of the curve.

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