Frequently Asked Questions

Although our services are generally tailored to each organization’s needs, there are some questions that come up consistently. Read on to find out if we’ve already answered your questions. If you still have an inquiry, please don’t hesitate to call or send us a message - a member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours.


What if I'm not sure what I need?

During tea with Dee,I will ask you qualifying questions to better understand your needs, through this process we will be able to uncover your needs and areas of opportunity to help your sales & marketing reach your goals.

How do you customize your services for different clients?

All of our clients come to us with different skill levels in terms of Sales & Marketing, Through your intake form and our time together in Tea with Dee,

I will gather the information that helps me better understand your business needs, personality, and the type of plan you need.

This is the information that will help me customize a plan of action specific to your business needs , your strengths, lifestyle and personality

What types of businesses have you worked with/helped?

  • Realtors

  • Photographers

  • Wedding Planners

  • Massage therapists

  • Coaches

  • Chefs & Restaurants

  • Artists & Bands

  • Authors & Bloggers

  • Hotels/Event venues

  • Mobile detail business

  • Virtual Assistant

  • Online giftshop

  • Florists

  • Makeup artist

What is Hybrid Coaching?

Hybrid coaching is a model in which we pair our expertise with your ideas and goals for your business & use both coaching and consulting techniques to help you meet your sales &marketing goals.

I am struggling with what to say in my content-Can you help?

Its okay, you are not alone! If you're having trouble finding the words to say

How do I know that Pink Leaf Consulting Firm is the right fit for me?

Come talk to me, let's chat... Get to know me and what I know...

We also spend time getting to know you and your business once you make your inquiry, by the time we meet via zoom, I will know how or if, I can help you & I'm always happy to explain to my clients based on my experience what the best course of action is.

Do you offer installment plans?

Yes, You may hold your space with a minimum deposit of $500 for up to 90 days before we begin working together

What our clients are saying

about working with us

I was hesitant in working with Dee because I had another coaching experience that didn't go so well.

I harassed Dee with countless questions (some were probably repetitive😆)but she took the time to answer them all.

If you need a coach to meet you where you're at, one that truly listens to you, one that is full of passion, one that is flexible/ adaptable to your many idea changes (🤪) one that has an overflowing amount of patience and one that calls you out on your bs.

You need Dee, call her/ text her, whatever you do just make sure you contact her.

She's more than just a "Biz and Marketing Strategist" she's also an empowerment coach amongst other things! Stop waiting and take action on her dreams and give Dee the chance to support you in your business journey!

Shauna B- Virtual Assistant

It has been a great pleasure working with Coach Dee

She developed a strategy to improve and grow my IG engagement.

I am proud to say with her help, I have implemented a new tracking system for orders, that reduced error and miscommunication. I am also maintaining consistency with posting on IG, improved engagement and increased followers.

Our bi-weekly sessions were structured and formatted for open dialogue on strategies, opportunities for improvement and progress.

Coach has a sharp mind for business and is full of ideas on how to market, connect and sell your product/service.

I have made many investments in my business, but signing up for Pink Leaf's Elevate Your Business Plan has been one of the best! I am excited about my progress and look forward to learning much ore. Thanks for all you do Coach!

Cynthia B- Online Gift Shop

I felt my strategy session was thorough and straight to the point. Dee came to the meeting ready to GO! She had a listing of top competitors in my industry, vendors and organizations I should partner or network with. Dee had event ideas for my business and how to market and target my audience. After our session, Coach Dee sent me a social media strategy outline for the next month. I have been working with Coach Dee for the past two months and I LOVE her energy, encouragement, mindset and professionalism. I am looking forward to the future of my business and more one-on-one session with Coach Dee.

Ashley D- Musician

I’m so glad to have found Pink Leaf Consulting. a wonderful experience! Dee helped me with a strategy which allowed me to improve my visibility and confidence on IG.

Craft Your Content was detailed and process-driven, which allowed me to have a step-by-step guide every week for tasks and goals. The guidance was extremely helpful. After working with Dee, I feel empowered, encouraged and supported. I am learning what my target audience is and how to craft my content to serve that audience. Dee is very encouraging and supportive. She put me on training wheels until I could ride by myself (lol) now I really feel that I have a strategy and process that works- Yvonne

Yvonne R.-Wedding Planner

Dee is an open book of honest opinions and game plans. It's no wonder she makes an amazing business consultant.

She's always willing to listen and offer the exact amount of advice at the right time. And she backs her advice with action items, which I always appreciate.

Dee is great at identifying problem areas and offering several solutions. She's encouraging, professional, honest, relatable, and experienced... Always offering unbiased, realistic feedback. If you're results-driven and ready to really expand yourself and your business, Dee is the coach for you!

My experience with Dee of Pink Leaf was extremely positive and productive!

The services that she provided were very instrumental in streamlining my business's daily operations.

Dee provided useful tools that have proven to enhance my productivity and bottom line.

Dee listened to my business needs and offered valuable feedback and resources that have changed how I conduct business. I highly recommend Pink Leaf for your business consulting needs!- D Knight

Tifphany C,- Wedding Planner

D, Knight-Venue Owner