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Are you a creative introvert in a service-driven business that has been making money through word of mouth and referrals, but you're having trouble creating a marketing strategy to reach the people who need you because you're still working on finding your voice and articulating the value?

If so, "Welcome Home", Come on in & leave your shoes by the door

Let's take this journey together as you learn to articulate the value that you bring to the marketplace, 

uncover your revenue potential & and uncover the gaps that are keeping you from achieving your business goals.


I know what's it like to feel overwhelm associated with knowing that you are valuable, but also struggling to

communicate it through your content to attract qualified leads who are ready to buy.

Great News!!! Confidence & Currency has what you need:

In Confidence & Currency, we will work together over a total of 6 weeks using the:

Pink Leaf  Power System for Introvert Success to

*Review and assess your offer &

*Refine your sales and marketing skills and strategies.

I will then create a plan of action that embodies who you are so that you feel confident showing up

to communicate your value and build genuine connections.

We will refine your ideal client profile to better understand their

needs, desires, and struggles which helps you attract them, build genuine connections,

 and increase your qualified leads.

I will review your sales strategy, which includes your processes for:

  • ProspectingLead GenerationQualifying Leads

  • Selling your offerClient retentionClosing the sale


I will analyze your data, and insights, conduct market research &

refine your content marketing strategy to assist in increasing your market share as the market shifts & evolves.


I will then create a blended sales and marketing campaign that aligns with your introverted personality

& helps you show up confidently to connect with your people,& create more consistent 

revenue so that you can prepare to build your team.


At the end of our six weeks together we will meet for your offboard where you will receive 

  • Your Strategic brief  which details your plan of action 

  • Your personalized execution companion guide with checklists to keep you on task.

Your service also includes:

Tea with Dee Consultation

Messaging & Positioning Assessment of your current offer

Signature Offer Refinement

Lead Magnet Audit & Recommendations

Sales & Marketing Skills Assessments

 Sales & Marketing Goal Setting

A structured 60-day revenue plan

 Three 90-minute Introvert Insight Zoom sessions

Two 45-Minute Content Co-working Sessions

A-14-Day IG Posting Cycle template

A 30-Minute Ig- live collaboration

10 days of post-service voxer support.

Let's work together to help you confidently communicate your value and achieve

your revenue goals so that you can build your team and protect your energy by staying in your zone of genius

The investment for this life & business changing service is four payments of $1250.00.

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