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7- Ways to habit stack to budget your introverted energy....

Updated: May 11, 2023

Bending time is a term that we use where we increase the amount of time that we have by being more efficient in what we do in our days, through efficiency we are able to be more productive and see more fruits of our labor as we move throughout the day. In my home & business, I bend time by "Habit/Activity Stacking ". which helps me achieve more & create routines that boost productivity & streamline my days -

Here are 7 ways that you can habit stack to preserve your introverted energy:

  • Watch your favorite person on live video while cooking or doing dishes

  • Fold laundry while listening to your favorite podcast or catching up on that Netflix series

  • Listen to your favorite podcast or live video replay while showering ( I know you have a blue tooth speaker in the bathroom )

  • Catch up on industry chatter & trends while in the waiting room at the doctor's or dentist's office

  • Catch up with family and or friends during your commute to and from the grocery store with headphones of course

  • Create a content cupboard,- a place will you keep content inspiration for days when you’re not feeling so inspired

  • Listen to your audiobook while you make dinner, tidy the house, work out, or go for a walk.

Comment below to share how you habit/activity stack to preserve your energy..... & then - join my email community to stay connected, or book your tea w/Dee if you are ready for help with your sales & marketing skills and strategy so that you can better communicate your value and revenue.

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