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Happy Marketing Monday

Do you ever have a morning where you just wake up do things right and it makes you feel good LOL ??specifically...

Do you ever decide okay, today I’ll skip coffee “I’m going to have some fresh squeezed juice” or you decide that instead of those scrambled eggs, I’ll a just have the egg white a sprinkle of pepper and nooo cheese please and thank you 🙄😂 🍳


I decided that all day today ;I’m going to be intentional about my nutritional decisions ; I am not going to take any additional sugar and I will not add sugar to anything today.....

Sidebar: I will add 60 calories to my coffee and that’s my non-dairy international Delights creamer; but I’m sure that my 60 cal coffee is far fewer than an average cup of joe anyway right?? 🤣

I’m making my snacks which consist of fresh organic 🍓 , BlackBerries and grapes 🍇 Ill Have a pink grapefruit for an am snack and then I’ve got some balanced brakes snack With cashews ( 7 g of protein ) for the afternoon..

(I don’t eat a lot of meat, I identify as a pescatarian but truth be told I don’t restrict myself ..If I feel like I want chicken I’m going to eat chicken and that’s pretty much the only meat that I do eat here & , there I may have a piece of turkey by default because truth be told turkey is not my thing ever and I don’t like gravy so I don’t have anything to make the turkey juicy But I digress)

I'll probably go with a Caesar salad 🥗 for lunch with grilled 🍤 which is a nice light choice for me ...Not sure what hubby will whip up for dinner but I’m sure it will be yummy as usual ( He's a chef 👨‍🍳 well it’s time to get ready to start this work day. until next Monday .👋🏽🌸


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