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Standing in your Authority as an introvert

For a good while I was the introvert that had a hard time standing in my authority in this online space. I hadn't yet found my voice & I was still working at communicating my value..

It wasn’t that I didn’t know my stuff or that I didn't know that what I had was valuable, but it truly took a Mindset shift on my part.

The way that I grew up, if you were talking about the things that you did, you were being Boasty or not being modest.

There was never really a discussion about a healthy balance of stating the truth about what I brought to an experience.

I was taught to just smile, say thank you, and let people believe that this was something that "had to be done" and so it was done.

Because of this, I was also the person who hid behind my accomplishments, but I quickly learned in business that, you DO have to show up to tell people the things that you have accomplished and you "DO" have to show up and shout from the rooftops how do you help your people solve their BIG problem and get to their desired results...

The way that I was able to shift my mindset as it relates to feeling Boasty was by quantifying my value .. No one cares about If you're being "Boasty". What they care about is "their" problem &how you help them solve it and how you've helped others like them too ...

Here are three ways that I overcame dimming my light :

1️⃣ I came to the table with data, insights, and facts about how I helped my people

2️⃣I only teach and speak about the things that I know

3️⃣I realize that in business no one was coming to save me and if I don’t show up every single day to find the people who are searching for me, my business will not grow

If this journey sounds familiar or intriguing, let's chat over coffee and let's find the best path forward for you. https://www.pinkleafconsulting.com/service-page/coffee-conversation

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