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Who are my people……

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

When you’re starting out, it’s sometimes hard to wrap your head around the idea of Marketing to one group of people…. I mean most of the time there are MANY groups of people that we can serve right?

right! But just because you CAN, that doesn’t mean that you Should …..


It’s your business right? You can do whatever you want right? …. but the question is how effective will you be? Will you be making marketing harder than it needs to be-on you and your people ?

Are you making it harder for your people to figure out that you’re speaking to them?

This is why we target … Targeting helps you understand exactly who you’re speaking to in your marketing, It helps you understand what they need right now, What their business & life desires are and it also helps you get to know your audience on an intimate level…

When you get to know your people ,you can create for them effortlessly because , you understand them ,you know what they need from you ,and you empathize with where they are right now …

ps …It’s always about them 🌸

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