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Content that Connects

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Are you a creative introvert struggling to find your voice and create content that connects with your ideal audience? If so ,you're in the right place ...Sometimes this happens because you're a private person and you're not sure what to share and other times, you have many ideas but are unclear on how to articulate your thoughts via your content

But it doesn't have to be that way. Once you are clear on who your people are and how you help them with your service/offer, Creating for them becomes as easy as having an intimate one-on-one chat in a coffee shop...

Here are 3 tips for showing up as yourself to creating content that connects with the clients you desire to serve.

One, find your authentic voice, I know you may have heard this many times but it's true, It takes far too much energy to show up how you "think people what to see and hear from you " Show up as you every time so that you're being true to yourself and you're voice is consistent in your marketing

Two, Identify & make the most of opportunities for engagement, As you get to know more about the clients that you want to serve , You will see what content they share,save and response to , you will know where they are hanging out online, you will also begin to learn the things that you have in common with them ,be intentional about being present where these things are happening and look for opportunities to join the conversation and /or create your oen conversations around these relatable topics.

Three, Build trust, You can start by showing up when you say you will, teach them what to expect from you and from your online community, Be clear about who you serve, how you serve them and show what its like working with you & share that in a way that speaks to them ensure that theyre clear that your message is for them .

Let them get to see you as "The person" not just the professional , let them know that you know what theyre going through , speak to the conversations that theyre having with their Business Besties and with themselves so that they understand that you are there to serve them and improve their current situation

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