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Grab a virtual beverage & a seat ... We will be starting soon.....

Are you a creative introvert running a service-based business, yearning for a welcoming community, strategic guidance, and the chance to build genuine connections as you grow your network and revenue? If so, the “Blossoming Businesses Collaborative” was made for you .

Come "Collaborate & Network with like-minded introverted women who understand your journey.

Whether you’re still mastering the art of communicating your value, revising your signature offer, elevating your brand’s presence, creating a lead magnet, conquering email marketing, boosting your confidence on Instagram live, or refining your sales & marketing skills to increase your revenue, you're in the right place to grow your blossoming business.

Our exclusive community is tailored for 9-10 creative introverts, creating a safe space where you can be your authentic self, shed tears ,celebrate your achievements, & receive strategic feedback to help you consistently improve. By joining us, you'll learn strategies that align with your introverted personality & learn to refine your sales & marketing skills so that you can better communicate your value, Put yourself out to build genuine connections & increase your revenue.

We will meet twice a month for 90 minutes on Zoom in our virtual “Pink Leaf Lounge.” The sessions will evolve based on your input, but will always have a core focus on sales, marketing, & working more efficiently to cater to the specific needs of our Introverted group, The sessions are designed to stimulate idea-sharing, ignite your creative thinking, & most importantly, equip you with the skills & support necessary to take action to achieve your business goals. During our session, you can actively participate or share in the comments with your camera off, Our environment is participation pressure free

As a member of our collaborative, you’ll also unlock these incredible benefits:

  • A 1 on 1 45-minute Introvert Insight Session every quarter, to give you individualize support ,guidance, & coaching around what's going on in your business.

  • Access to session replays, allowing you to revisit content and formulate your questions at your own pace.

  • A 20% discount on all Pink Leaf Digital products for self-improvement at your convenience.

  • A Signature Offer Revamp to ensure your offer stays competitive and relevant, fostering continuous improvement.

  • Monthly Office Hours for Co-working & additional support & fellowship.

  • Voxer Support : Designated check in times for speed coaching ,content coaching,& general check ins to support you in between sessions (all questions answered within 48 hours)

This space is more than just a mentorship or membership, It's a Collaborative ;a holistic support system designed to empower Black Creative Introverts as we navigate the ever-evolving world of sales and marketing.

Together, we’ll work on increasing your monthly revenue while nurturing genuine connections and fostering your personal growth.

Join me in the Pink Leaf Blooming Businesses Collaborative & watch your business bloom. This is where your introverted power transforms into entrepreneurial success.

Your Success Awaits & Space is limited to 9 women– Apply Here-

Join the waitlist below.. Hope to see you there!

Lets Goo!

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