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What more can I say? I love having Dee on my team. At the beginning of the month, we set a goal that was $3500.00 over what I had on the books, and a push goal of $5000 over.  & let's just say- I have been screaming at my phone All week! because We Did IT!

I swear Dee has a God-given pen or something because this happens every time!

Dee, You are genuine and you  really have something special that can help your people, I want to know what you know and I'm going to stick by you as tightly as I can as I grow,  I also love that you're never selling pipe dreams - of six figures etc, but you teach us information that we know to be more profitable and more comfortable as introverts in business and to think about business more strategically and intentionally

Erika- Baltimore Sugaring Specialist

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