How I stay organized ...... Planning Day

Planning Day

#organization #goodworkhabits #planningday Being organized and being able to pull many moving parts together, is a must to stay organized in business. I can honestly say ,I would not be successful if I wasn't organized, I told my dad recently,that as far back as I could remember,my brain has worked like a project management system,being able to take a “whole” ,break it down and tackle it to accomplish a goal, It was one of the things I loved about event planning ... except you were putting things together and coordinating moving parts .. ( still project management if you ask me lol).So I guess it should come as no surprise to me that one of the things I love most about coaching and consulting is the ability to see the Goal (whole)and help my clients work the steps to reach theirs.

So speaking of organized heres my process...

First things first, I print my calendar for the month .

The first thing that I do is set aside(time to think.) This is about at about 45 minutes on average ,no distractions,phone on DND, I focus ...and I BRAIN DUMP ....

I make a list of everything that I need to do in that month 🗓 just off the top of my head ,anything that I can think of that I am supposed to do etc, I get it out onto paper .

I typically review one month a time ,two weeks before the actual month starts.

I review my calendar for any must dos and any updates, I then prioritize what else needs to happen and schedule those items accordingly .

PS. I never committ to anything without consulting my calendar, mistakes happen but if you want to be taken serious in business , you need to be on top of your calendar (being on time to meetings , calls etc.)

Next I work on client communication and administrative tasks ( proposals,follow up emails,vendor correspondence, I lump all of my administrative work together because it is the same type of work and I can move through emails and most administrative tasks quickly . (How we map out our marketing ... coming soon to a blog near you) 😉

Next I Update ! I make notes in my client files of what we spoke /emailed about and notes of when I should follow up with him or her again. As soon as I have that date, I add it to my crm as a task , I then review to see if there any one I owe a phone call,coffee, invitations etc. and send those out with my admin work .

I scan one last time and then add all items to my electronic calendar..I then schedule time for Dee ,& time with family ❤️

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