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If you have been feeling overwhelmed by the many tasks involved in growing your business, you're not alone. While you are great at your craft, you struggle with sales, marketing, and developing a comprehensive plan for success. Despite seeing some results from your current strategies, you recognize that you will need an expert to guide you with proven processes and a repeatable strategy to work more efficiently and increase your income.

This is Me 

In The Pink Leaf Power Play Intensive, I will help you streamline your sales and marketing systems, increasing efficiency and income within 60 days.

This is achieved through a total of 6 hours, where we will develop a strategy and execution plan using the:

Pink Leaf Power System for Introvert Success.

This includes: creating a personalized strategy, reviewing marketplace positioning, identifying business goals, and assessing lead magnet and sales systems. The end result is a repeatable strategy and solid plan that aligns with your business aims and introverted personality, allowing you to build connections, amplify your message, increase revenue, and efficiently serve your clients.

With the Pink Leaf Power System, we help you refine your target audience and understand their needs, desires, and struggles. This enables you to attract them through effective marketing, build genuine connections, and cultivate a community.

We analyze your data, insights, and market research to update your content marketing strategy and increase your market share as the market evolves.

We also review your sales strategies, including your processes for qualifying, vetting, prospecting, making offers, client retention, and closing the sale.

We refine your service delivery process to ensure every client has the same experience based on your brand values, mission, and service delivery process.

Your offboard includes: A Strategic Brief, A google Doc Communication hub,an Execution Guide &  14 days of voxer support post service

Investment 5 payments of $1000.

The Pink Leaf Power Play : Service
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Here’s what Yvonne had to say about working with me for her Creative & Confident Strategy Service

When I started working with Dee, I wanted to be able to use Instagram as a strategy for me and to be able to get my voice out there consistently.

When I met her I loved that in her live video, I could see her personality. I could tell she was a firecracker & it would be fun but more than that she never promised that she was gonna give me followers, but she what she said is she was going to empower me to do it & I knew that that was what I needed. I had the sword, I just needed someone to tell me how to point the sword, how to use the sword, and how to make it work for me.

Dee always told me, to use my voice & assured me that my people would talk to me and people will engage with me and it's true because I love conversations but honestly, Instagram scared the fire out of me because I felt like you had to say it a certain way but I now realize, that I can be on IG and be myself & I can represent my brand and my company and represent it well 

I'm so proud at this moment that my followers have grown and my engagement has grown but more importantly, I feel like I can stand on this platform and represent my business so much more confidently and as a BETTER me.

The Pink Leaf Power Play : Welcome
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