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Confidence & Currency

Lets increase your confidence & currency

Are you an introverted woman in a service-driven business who desires to know her target audience on a more intimate level, so that you can speak directly to their needs & desires through your content on the Instagram platform? If so, you're in the right place...

Right now you might be feeling exhausted from showing up on Instagram, & doing all of the things, but you're left feeling unproductive, unaligned & overwhelmed because you don't have a strategy that aligns with your personality, communicates your value, and helps you show up confidently to close more sales?

Together in Confidence & Currency, we spend a total of 5-weeks together to clarify your business needs- outline your strategy, create your implementation and execution plan and measure the results as we go for optimal results- 

Here are the deets:

In session 1 

*I will learn more about your brand

*Define your short term goals

*Talk about the business you're currently bringing in.

*Who you desire to serve,

*Refine your target audience

*Refine your offer

In Session 2 we will:

*Identify your time wasters & show you where you can save time.

*Ask about your current marketing strategy/plan/activities for the purpose of Market analysis and your positioning.

*Audit your Instagram community to understand the vibe of your community & Offer growth feedback

*Audit your website for brand cohesiveness and missed opportunities

*Audit your sales process to uncover untapped revenue opportunities

In Session 3

We will:

*Review the data from the previous 3 weeks:

*Review your new plan of action:

*Implement your new content strategy:

*Create your posting schedule:

*Give you our framework for planning & creating content

*Show you how to rinse and repurpose to save time

Review & Refine your Sales Strategy

In Session 4 -

We review the previous two weeks

*Conduct an Instagram Audit

*Analytics review

*Instagram Copy Audit

*Create 7 Days of content together to give you a head start

Session 5:

You get *1-One -20 Minute zoom or phone follow up to check in on how systems/plans are working for you and an opportunity to ask for clarity in any areas surrounding our time together- 30 days post-session

*Additional email and DM Support Provided for up to 14 days post our last session

Bonus- Content Companion Workbook

Investment $3300.00