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Confidence . Content. Currency

Let's Increase your Confidence & Currency in your VIP Accelerator

Are you an introverted creative feeling overwhelmed on IG because you're making a real effort to put yourself out there, manage your ideas & energy, and run your business as a solopreneur and things just aren't going the way that you planned?

If you're making some money, but you know you should be charging more and you need help attracting and communicating your value to the people you WANT to attract and serve... You're in the right place...

You dont have to figure it out alone... I see you and I know that you have likely googled & youtubed more information than you can ever use in this lifetime but you haven't figured out how to put it all together in a way that works & feels good to you. 

You're in the right place... Let's Increase your confidence & Currency  

Here is what we do :

We will work together for - 3 total Sessions- 1-90 minute session 1- 60 minute session and one 30-minute session for implementation review and edits and at the end of our time together you will be able to show up with your renewed confidence to

*Be seen as a valued resource in your community

*Build true connections

*Communicate your value

*Increase your revenue 

The plan that we develop together will provide you with a strategy that fits your life & personality, and reduces your overwhelm so that you can begin showing up confidently to build true connections, communicate your value, grow your community & Increase Sales within 30-45 days.

Here's how we work together  in Confidence & Currency using the

"Pink Leaf System for Success"

That has worked for my business & over 40 women over the last 3 years.

Preferences & Identification

A review of your brand message, tone, identity, your target audience,&  identifying your business preferences/goals

Nurturing & Knowing

Knowing and understanding your client's needs & how to build true connections & cultivate community with the people you desire to attract.

Understanding how to use your data, insights, and market research to inform your offer, content marketing strategy & necessary adjustments.

Refining your sales strategy, processes, qualifying, prospecting, making offers, closing the sale 

Ensure confidence in the delivery of your service from onboard to testimonial / by implementing sops for the intake process, service delivery &post service communication

In your offboard, we ensure clarity around your strategy and answer any questions that you have. We also review your deliverables ( Intake form and next steps for success.

Investment $3300.00