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Welcome Party 1/2/23 

Are you an introverted creative feeling overwhelmed on IG because you're making a real effort to put yourself out there, manage your ideas & energy, and run your business as a solopreneur?

If you're making some money, but you know you should be charging more & you need help attracting and communicating your value to the people you WANT to serve...You're in the right place...

In our intimate group coaching program, We spend 8 weeks together, helping you move from being overwhelmed & unaligned with your marketing, to having a strategy and a solid PLAN that:

  1. Aligns with your introverted personality & fits into your life

  2. Helps you to show up with your renewed Confidence to communicate in a way that feels good to YOU. 

  3. Increase your sales within 30-45 days.

Here's How we do it-

Using the "Pink Leaf framework: SOURCE  

We will create your next start to finish Marketing campaign

Stating your business needs

A review of your brand message, tone, identity, your ideal client,&  identifying your business preferences/goals

To support you along the way you also receive: 

Your 30 Page Execution guide which takes you step by step through each phase of execution, & is another way to help keep you focused and on task.

Weekly Dee-Briefs/Messages via google docs, this will also include your execution checklist.

Weekly Voxer/Dm support at our scheduled time & during weekly office hours (2x week)

Community & Accountability

Lead Magnet review & revamp if necessary

A 21-day posting cycle for your Instagram community with graphics & content prompts

Investment $2497.00